• In nourishing awareness of our selves and our surroundings, we can all find peace.

    At LSMT we actively engage with you to create peace and live well.

  • Services Offered

    Individual Therapy

    Navigate Life With Intention

    • Reduce stress, anxiety and depression
    • Heal from trauma
    • Find guidance and support for grief
    • Develop a greater understanding of your self and the world 
    • Learn self trust, release feelings of powerlessness
    • Discover courage and confidence
    • Learn to care for your body, mind and soul one day at a time
    Manage Career and Relationships
    • Find peace in chosen relationships
    • Make peace in family relationships 
    • Fully actualize friendships 
    • Learn to let go of ones that need it
    • Find meaning and connection in your community
    • Explore career dissatisfaction
    • Find meaning and contentment in work/life balance

    Couples Therapy

    Learn the skill sets that can predict successful relationships

    • Regulate upset feelings, communicate needs clearly, and manage conflicts skillfully
    • Explore compatibility and potential for lifelong commitment
    • Move past gridlock and impasse, and pursue a shared vision of lifelong connection
    • Learn how to be an available and engaged partner for a lifetime of wealth in love and connection
    Envision that every crisis offers the chance for growth and transformation
    • Heal from betrayals
    • Learn the skills of forgiveness
    • Dissolve barriers and reveal rich intimacy
    • Stay connected through the myriad stresses of raising children
    • Decide with respect and intention when a relationship needs to end
    • Receive support and guidance through the complexity of trying to start a family
  • Our Therapists

    Liz Tobin, LCPC, LMFT

    Founder, LS Mindful Therapy

    Ellen Zelent, LCSW

    Clinical Director, LS Mindful Therapy

    Alexia Evangelodimos, MA, LPC

    Associate Therapist

    Michael Cummings, MA, LPC

    Associate Therapist

    Aaron Karmin, LCPC

    Clinical Therapist

    Terri Mariano, LCPC

    Clinical Therapist



    Alexandra Backis, LCSW

    Clinical Therapist

  • Our Offices

    4507 N Ravenswood Suite 111

    Chicago, IL 60640

    Our Offices

    4507 N Ravenswood Ave Suite 111,

    Chicago IL 60640

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    Please call, email, or use the contact form below to inquire about setting up an appointment. Sessions are available from 8:30AM until 8:30PM everyday.








    4507 N Ravenswood Ave

    Suite 111

    Chicago, IL 60640

    Lincoln Square Mindful Therapy and Counseling



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  • Mindfulness Meditation

    Breathing in, I see myself as a flower

    Breathing out, I feel fresh.
    Breathing in, I see myself as a mountain

    Breathing out, I feel solid.
    Breathing in, I see myself as still water

    Breathing out, I reflect things as they are.
    Breathing in, I see myself as open space

    Breathing out, I feel free.

    -Thich Nhat Hahn