• Approach

    It is the triumph of the human spirit that we can heal from pain, overcome adversity, and create hope.

    What is Mindful Therapy?

    Mindful Therapy requires deep listening and full presence in which one person is genuinely and compassionately connecting to another. True presence naturally brings great compassion as the foundation of the therapeutic relationship. This genuine connection enables feelings of being supported, understood, and safely challenged so that painful experiences can be explored and healed.  We believe it is the healing of painful experiences that creates the basis for alternate ways of experiencing and being in our lives.


    Pain is a part of our human experience; it's a part of living and evolving. It can weave in and out of our days, and it's transient nature can sometimes be more easily released. Typically, we seek help when our pain (in relationship conflicts, in the losses we suffer, and in the confusion and anxiety of "everyday" events or traumatic events) gets lodged in our inner selves. Our pain is then an invitation to re-examine ourselves and perhaps our past, and find a path towards growth.


    Mindfulness can be described as a practice of observing. Our staff are highly trained to help you observe what gets in the way of experiencing life as fully as you can. Our experienced therapists will guide you in observing/noticing thoughts and patterns; and we will work with you to create impactful, lasting change. We want you to be able to go back to living your life, without necessarily needing to rely on us for years to come.


    We are the productive agents of our lives, which can be both empowering and frightening. Life is complex and unpredictable, constantly offering chances to grow and to learn. We always have choices in life, and therapy is an opportunity to become more intentional and thoughtful in the choices that we make. As adults, we get to have choices in life. We can choose love, with each mindful breath; and we will naturally spread light, with each mindful exhale. At LS Mindful Therapy we seek to help our community choose love, and spread light, with each peaceful step.

  • Our Offices

    4507 N Ravenswood Suite 111

    Chicago, IL 60640

    Our Offices

    4507 N Ravenswood Ave Suite 111,

    Chicago IL 60640