• Services Offered

    Lincoln Square Mindful Therapy offers both individual and couples therapy

    Individual Therapy​

    Navigate Life With Intention

    • Reduce stress, anxiety and depression
    • Heal from trauma
    • Find guidance and support through grief counseling
    • Develop a greater understanding of your self and the world 
    • Learn self trust and release feelings of powerlessness
    • Discover courage and confidence
    • Learn to care for your body, mind and soul, one day at a time
    Manage Career and Relationships
    • Find peace in chosen relationships
    • Make peace in family relationships 
    • Fully actualize friendships 
    • Learn to let go of ones that need it
    • Find meaning and connection in your community
    • Explore career dissatisfaction
    • Find a healthy work/life balance

    Couples Therapy

    Learn the skill sets that can predict successful relationships with relationship counseling

    • Regulate upset feelings, communicate needs clearly, and manage conflicts successfully
    • Explore compatibility and potential for lifelong commitment
    • Move past gridlock and impasse, and pursue a shared vision of lifelong connection
    • Learn how to be an available and engaged partner for a lifetime of wealth in love and connection
    Envision that every crisis offers the chance for growth and transformation
    • Heal from betrayals
    • Learn the skills of forgiveness
    • Dissolve barriers and reveal rich intimacy
    • Stay connected through the stresses of raising children
    • Decide with respect and intention when a relationship needs to end
    • Receive support and guidance through the complexity of trying to start a family