• Our Therapists

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    Liz Tobin, LCPC, LMFT

    Founder, LS Mindful Therapy

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    Alexia Evangelodimos, MA, LCPC

    Clinical Director, LS Mindful Therapy

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    Michael Cummings, MA, LCPC

    Clinical Therapist

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    Aaron Karmin, LCPC

    Clinical Therapist

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    Veronica Flores Zapata, LPC

    Trauma Therapist

  • Liz Tobin, LCPC, LMFT

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    "I continue to be humbled and enlightened by our innate capacity to heal. I'm dedicated to personal growth and clinical education, and in my work to help others live a life of love and peace. I admire our humanity, and each of our unique stories as we search for meaning and contentment."

    Founder, Lincoln Square Mindful Therapy

    I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), and have been a licensed therapist since 2004. I'm honored to help people experience their lives more fully, cleared from the negative impact of the past. Often times when people come into therapy, there can be stuckness and a deep desire for change. I'm dedicated to helping you experience this change and live the life you deserve. We will target relieving current symptoms of distress; and we will work together to reveal the hope and peace that exists within your core. We all deserve to be the heroes of our lives, and I will help you discover your new narrative.




    I received my BA from UW-Madison, and MEd from DePaul University. After a number of years in clinical practice, heading the family program at a chemical dependency treatment center and facilitating family reunification in the child welfare setting, I received advanced training in Marriage and Family Therapy at the Adler School of Professional Psychology. This advanced training in couples therapy, and my continued education allow me to help partners understand their patterns with one another, heal the breaches of trust that may exist, and find peace individually and/or together. As a couples therapist, I help with the identification of inhibiting tendencies that prevent each member of a relationship from being fully available to their chosen other.


    I am trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) through the EMDR institute (https://www.emdr.com/what-is-emdr/). This highly effective treatment method has received worldwide recognition over the past 25 years. EMDR frees us from past experiences and environments that toxified our sense of self and/or the world around us, and opens us up to the beauty that abounds in our present.


    I help clients find peace in their bodies and with their bodies. My graduate research centered on eating disorders; studying the associations between eating, and the struggle for identity; and it's roots in attachment. Through this work there is a shift from patterns of self-abuse, loathing and deprivation to forgiveness, acceptance, and self-care. Our goal is to return to, or perhaps for the first time experience, a liberated and full participation in life.


    After ten years in private practice, I established our organization in order to reach a larger community. Our staff all practice from a similar appreciation for how to live the good life, and how to help bring healing and peace to others. Our clinical family is dedicated to helping the families in our community experience the peace and love they deserve.

    Office Hours: Tue, Wed, Thu 9am-4pm

  • Alexia Evangelodimos, MA, LCPC

    I believe that life is a journey towards finding and maintaining a sense of inner-peace, happiness, and fulfillment.

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    Our needs and desires often change throughout life, and the journey may feel more challenging at times. My role is to collaborate with you and to support you through those challenging times. I will encourage you to explore your goals and needs and empower you to make the choices that are most appropriate for you at this current stage of your life."

    Clinical Director

    Alexia received her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Michigan State University, and her Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Her graduate studies were concentrated on working with survivors of trauma. She has experience working in a variety of settings including shelters, schools, community mental health centers, and private practice.


    Alexia's clinical work focuses on treating adults with a range of presenting problems such as anxiety, depression, trauma, career and stage of life issues, and relationship distress. She is passionate about her work with couples who are experiencing varying levels of distress or disconnect within their relationship. She is committed to helping couples shape new patterns of interaction and a deeper understanding of one another while re-establishing their connection and commitment to the relationship. She is pursuing extensive training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, founded by Sue Johnson.


    Alexia deeply values the principles and effectiveness of mindfulness and meditation work and integrates this into her work with clients as a way of helping them achieve a deeper sense of peace and balance in their day to day lives. She believes it to be an honor and a privilege to be invited into the lives of her clients and is greatly committed to collaborating with each of them in helping guide them towards the changes they are seeking.

    Office Hours: Tue, Wed, Thu 3pm-8pm; Fri 3pm-6pm

  • Michael Cummings, MA, LCPC

    I believe relationships are at the heart of all human experiences.

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    "My approach nurtures the creation of a safe and respectful therapeutic relationship, from which all other relationships, both past and present, can be explored. A unique and personalized therapeutic process develops, and as we look through this relational lens together, a new perspective allows for limitless growth and awareness."

    Clinical Therapist

    Michael received his masters degree in Counseling Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. He has first hand experience in exploring the complexities of career satisfaction as well as career transition, having originally been educated and practiced as an architect for many years prior to becoming a psychotherapist.


    Michael specializes in providing treatment and support for adults, adolescents and couples experiencing both everyday and complex life challenges. He specializes in the contexts of relationship difficulties, life and career transitions, male issues (working alongside both men, women and couples), depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and bereavement. Michael is becoming trained in EMDR therapy, an effective treatment for a wide range of emotional disturbances.

    Office Hours: Mon 12:30 to 7:30

  • Aaron Karmin, LCPC

    Therapy is a proven, effective way to help people overcome emotional problems

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    "My approach focuses on identifying physical cues, recognizing thoughts, considering consequences, implementing solutions, choosing behaviors, and promoting expression."

    Clinical Therapist

    "I am an active therapist in that I ask questions and offer consistent feedback to guide the session's focus. I utilize an integrative style - applying a variety of approaches to best meet the needs of each client/couple and their concerns. It is my belief that the counseling process is one in which all parties are actively involved. I recognize the need for flexibility and creativity to address the mind and body. My approach focuses on identifying physical cues, recognizing thoughts, considering consequences, implementing solutions, choosing behaviors, and promoting expression.


    Therapy is a proven, effective way to help people overcome emotional problems. I find satisfaction in being able to guide clients on their journey as they navigate obstacles and endure struggle, only to come out healthier and more confident.


    All humans struggle with their feelings and its a sign of strength and intelligence to know when to seek support. Any professional who has useful skills and the right tools, is an asset, not a liability."


    Aaron is a licensed clinical professional counselor who earned his masters degree through Roosevelt University in Chicago, IL. In addition, he is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and holds an advanced certification in stress management. Aaron has worked at all levels of mental health care from inpatient to outpatient, private to community, not for profit to Fortune 500 organizations. Aaron is the author of ‘The Anger Management Workbook for Men’ available on Amazon.


    Aaron is trained from the Gottman Institute as a couples therapist, and trains other clinicians in this highly effective approach to couples therapy.


    If you are feeling angry, resentful and unhappy in your current relationship then it is probably time to do something about it. Research shows that most couples wait seven years too long before starting couples counseling. It is common for couples to say they talked about counseling for many years but never set up the appointment.


    Through research-based interventions and exercises, Certified Gottman Therapists help couples break through barriers to achieve greater understanding, connection and intimacy in their relationships.

    Gottman Couples Therapy is a structured, goal-oriented, scientifically-based therapy. Intervention strategies are based upon empirical data from Dr. Gottman’s three decades of research with more than 3,000 couples.


    This research shows us what actually works to help couples achieve a long-term healthy relationship. Gottman Method Couples Therapy was developed out of this research to help you and your spouse or partner:

    • Increase respect, affection, and closeness
    • Break through and resolve conflict when you feel stuck
    • Generate greater understanding between you and your partner
    • Keep conflict discussions calm
    • Maintain improvements in your relationship

    Office Hours: Mon 10:30am-8:30pm

  • Veronica Flores Zapato, LPC

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    "My approach to therapy values collaboration, curiosity, playfulness, and the belief that the most beautiful expression of our humanity is our ability to keep trying, even in our darkest moments."


    Veronica Flores Zapata is a Licensed Professional Counselor who earned her Master's in Counseling Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She is a bi-lingual (Spanish) and bi-cultural therapist. She has specialized training in domestic violence, sexual assault, the trauma informed care model and EMDR.  She has worked in community mental health and clinical settings providing counseling to adults and couples facing challenges with trauma/PTSD, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, migration/acculturation, and grief/loss.  

    She views the therapeutic relationship as collaborative using a psychodynamic and integrative approach to healing the mind, body and spirit. She helps her clients navigate complex and difficult experiences taking into account personal strengths, culture, race, religion, sexual orientation and intersectionality. As a certified Reiki practitioner, she also incorporates holistic practices including mindfulness, breathing, somatic therapy, and expressive arts. She believes that every individual has the power to heal themselves and deserves a safe space to feel heard, seen, and accepted. 


    Office Hours: Thursday and Friday  9:00 to 5:00